Group Chairman’s Address

Education is a social process. Education is growth.
Education is not preparation for life, but education is life itself.
“In this era of globalisation, the utmost urge is pace. Absolute knowledge of management and corporate wisdom is indeed the most effective phenomenon for development, which requires actual capitalisation of knowledge for taking decisions in time. The ethos of Indian culture and the pedagogy of enlightening wisdom belong to certain directive approaches which require zeal to create an ideal professional who can contribute to the society in totality. We, at Acropolis, are developing such professionals who will serve the society and work towards its development and towards environmental support, with an attitude of creating surplus in the field of education. I take this opportunity to emphasise that Acropolis will surely contribute in the development of such professionals who will carry the flag of the nation at the world’s highest Aero.”
Ashish Sojatia
Group Chairman